A major increase in site speed and a 70% increase in conversions 


Average conversion rate before Clixels


Average conversion rate after Clixels


Google site speed score before Clixels


Google site speed score after Clixels


Nationwide Finance is the UK’s number one direct lender for funding new and existing small businesses, so their website is one of their biggest assets and helping them increase their website’s performance was key to the success of this project. 

To really get an understanding of the market our client operates in, we conducted a competitor research & analysis project at the pre-proposal stage. Following this, we defined partner status with TrustPilot and solidified the relationship between our client and the sought-after review website.

Brand Building

Before working with Clixels, the original Nationwide Finance website was launched to act as a web presence, with no particular focus on sales conversions. The company hadn’t been through a strict branding process, so we made it our mission to refresh and establish their brand image and messaging while tweaking the website’s user experience design to better increase the chance of online sales conversions.

Using the Nationwide Finance logo as a starting point, we created a palette of new colours as well as a clean and modern font pairing to support. We then referred back to the competitor analysis project in solidifying brand messaging such as the example in the header section below.




Every business’ digital ecosystem depends on some sort of technical integration, and this project was no different. We assured that all digital touch points were considered before starting this project, including the website integrating with the CRM system, review websites pulling through on the website and PPC campaign pages being set up correctly.

In the commercial finance industry time is money, so here we helped Nationwide Finance make more money by eliminating their downtime. We assured that all form entries on the website automatically populated in their CRM system; that all positive TrustPilot reviews show on the website; and that user focused landing pages were set up and made easily accessible.

“Earlier this year, we commissioned Clixels to refresh our brand and rebuild our website. Since the launch of our new site, we've had a huge increase in conversions and our website now looks slick, clean and professional.”

- Bobby Romeo, Nationwide Finance

Email Marketing

To assure brand consistency from start to finish, we redesigned a large proportion of Nationwide Finance’s branded assets including flyers, business cards, email signatures and most importantly their email marketing template. Historically, Nationwide Finance sent out the same two email templates consistently but we were able to build a fully customisable email template so they could customise layouts each time.

Following the production of the customisable email template, we conducted a full education session with the internal marketing team. We taught them how to customise layouts, how to schedule campaigns and offered tips and tricks around successful campaigns.


Nationwide Finance now has a website that conveys what they do in a simple and informative manner. Focusing on user experience, the new website has now transformed into a sales machine that has increased conversion rates from 12% to 25% in one month.

Clixels and Nationwide Finance have now formed a strategic partnership and continue to work together through the growth of their business; supporting on their website, their branded materials and their email marketing collateral.

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