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AllCall Group is home to AllCall & PropCall, the UK’s number one out-of-hours property management company, specialising in out-of-hours call handling. Historically, all of their leads came from word of mouth, so the website was used simply as an information hub. The transformation of the website’s purpose was going to be a key success driver for this project.

To really get an understanding of the market our client operates in, we conducted a competitor research & analysis project at the pre-proposal stage. Following this, we worked with AllCall Group MD Aaron Mcwilliam to best structure his internal digital touch points including IT, tech and hosting.

Lead Generation

Before working with Clixels, AllCall Group’s internal marketing team were running Google Ads to drive traffic to the website, but were experiencing a low conversion rate and a high bounce rate. To help with this, we structured the project in a way that allowed AllCall to increase their success rates while the project was taking place. 

Instead of building a full website and expecting our client to wait 6 to 8 weeks for their website, we spent the first 3 weeks designing and building industry-focused landing pages to work on converting visitors from the Google Ads campaign, so AllCall could increase lead conversions way before the end of the project.


With so many call handling and property management services relying on unprofessional and dishonest stock photography, it was agreed that having real pictures of the real people behind the brand was monumental to the success of reflecting the brand’s value of complete transparency.

We organised, conducted and directed a professional photoshoot of both the AllCall and PropCall teams to capture them in-the-moment while they work, as well as capture professional headshots of each staff members to ensure brand consistency across all platforms including the website’s team section and each team member’s LinkedIn platforms.


Every business’ digital ecosystem depends on some sort of technical integration, and this project was no different. We assured that all digital touch points were considered before starting this project, including the website integrating with the CRM system, review websites pulling through on the website and PPC campaign pages being set up correctly.

In the property industry time is money, so here we helped AllCall Group make and save more money by eliminating their downtime. We assured that all form entries on the website automatically populated in their CRM system; and that user focused landing pages were set up and made easily accessible.

Full Website Design

Over the past 12 months before the launch of the new website, AllCall Group’s brands PropCall and AllCall have grown incredibly fast. Due to this fast growth, a simple website was put together in house to convey what they do, but failed in areas of brand consistency, user experience and lead conversion.

Our award-winning team of designers and developers are experts in user experience and user interface design, so they were confident that the goals set by our client were achievable. We build a bespoke website with all points of entry covered, and a user journey that took website visitors through each section of the website seamlessly.


AllCall Group is a growing brand who launch specialist sub-brands to cater to specific sectors. With this in mind, we built this website with replication in mind, so both AllCall and PropCall could use the same bespoke theme but be repurposed for each brand.

AllCall Group now owns a bespoke WordPress website theme with Advanced Custom Fields, meaning the website’s content, colours, images and fonts are editable in the easy-to-use website backend portal. This means to make any future changes, updates or replications, the team at AllCall Group will not have to code anything or need any support from a web developer.

"Alongside its obvious aesthetic qualities, the sales-led nature of the build means we are already converting more visitors into qualified leads through our enhanced landing pages, demonstrating a clear and measurable return on what was a more than reasonable size of investment."

- Aaron Mcwilliam, MD, AllCall Group


AllCall Group now has two flexible websites that convey what they do in an informative yet focused manner. In regard to user experience, the new website has now transformed into a key sales machine that has increased conversion rates substantially after just one month.

Clixels and AllCall Group have now formed a strategic partnership and continue to work together through the growth of their business; supporting on their website, internal technologies, IT, hosting and software development.

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