Striking the perfect balance between modern and traditional practice

Celebrating 25 years this year, Torevell & Partners enlisted Clixels as their trusted partner to launch a new website which strikes the balance between modern and traditional.


Torevell & Partners are one of the best and longest standing financial advisers in Manchester. Specialising in wealth management, generational planning and family wealth, their expert team have helped hundreds of customers get the most out of their money. 

The aim of this project was to launch a website that strikes the right balance with the modern day customer base – both young and retired wealthy people. The main scope of work was to develop a brand style and language that feels modern but has traditional undertones.


Since establishing 25 years ago, Torevell & Partners have built an amazing team of financial experts, who are not just great at what they do but also have great relationships with their customers. The leadership team at Torevell agreed how important it is for new customers to be able to “meet the team” on the website, rather than scrolling through cold stock imagery.

We conducted a full photoshoot at Torevell & Partners’ HQ across two days, where we produced a consistent set of professional staff headshots as well a bank of photography of staff in client meetings and internal briefings. The idea being that their internal marketing team can use these images for all marketing assets going forward.

Brand Development

To really tackle the challenge of appealing to two completely different audience types, the brand had to be redeveloped to assure that it resonantes with Torevell & Partners’ customers but doesn’t alienate anyone by feeling too traditional or too modern; it had to strike a balance.

Working with the logo and existing marketing materials as a starting point, we developed a definitive brand colour palette so the Torevell & partners brand will be visually consistent going forward. In addition to this, we redeveloped the brand language of the main company strap line and after much hard work we landed on “Modern Thinking, Traditional Values”.

Website Design

Once all stakeholders were happy with the colour scheme, typography pairing and new brand language, we took on the task of completely redesigning the website. With the structure of the website, we decided to focus on Torevell & Partners strengths and developed landing pages for each core service they offer. This way they’re able to talk to different types of website user directly, focusing on their needs.

In addition to these services pages, we designed and built a resources page, a contact page and an about/team page where we highlighted team members and company history as well as Torevell & Partners work in the local community.

Back End Development

Torevell & Partners have their own internal marketing team, so it was essential that we didn’t leave them with a website that they can’t update themselves. So after we completed the design of the front-end (what the user sees), we built a bespoke admin panel where staff can log in to and update content themselves.

We do not hold any of our clients to ransom, so Torevell’s team can now update every part of the website content without having to touch any code or risk breaking any designed elements.

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